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Rob Bollinger is the Founder and President of Nehemiah's Restoration.  For income, Rob performs various different home improvement and handyman services, since he does not draw a salary from the non-profit of Nehemiah's Restoration.  By purchasing handyman services from Rob The Handyman you are providing for Rob and supporting the operations of this non-profit. We encourage you to investigate how Nehemiah's Restoration is helping to STOP the Cycle of Poverty for people around the world!

Rob The Handyman performs bathroom remodels, building maintenance, handyman services, home improvements, kitchen remodels, home remodels and all types of home repairs.  He even works on commercial facilities for small businesses performing building repairs, building maintenance and remodels.  If you have a need for a home repair, home remodel, home improvement, home maintenance, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or any type of handyman services just give Rob a call TODAY!

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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by keeping AIDS Orphans off the streets, out of orphanages and supporting them in their extended-family homes.
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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by providing
a safe and efficient home for AIDS orphaned
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Hurricane Katrina
What happens to people 12 to 18 months after relief organizations leave in the wake of a major life altering disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami or even an epidemic?  The unfortunate truth is they are still left with the insurmountable task of piecing together their horrifically broken life!
Haiti EarthquakeThese devastating events abruptly thrust most people into a life of poverty and despair.  Their homes, community, livelihood and support means from loved-ones are suddenly removed and the life they once knew has been forever altered.  The over-whelming task of restoring their life causes them to become disillusioned, distressed and for many they simply lose their will to survive!  These unique groups of people experience a mental, physical and spiritual brokenness that becomes virtually impossible for them to restore on their own.
Hurricane KatrinaIn most cases, relief efforts only provide for immediate life sustaining needs.  However, they do not provide for the long-term restoration of the human “Mind, Body and Soul”.  Nehemiah’s Restoration believes that until a person is restored mentally, physically and spiritually, they are unable to effectively lead a productive life where they can once again be able to provide for themselves.  Without intervention and complete restoration, they are forced into a “Cycle of Poverty” that most often remains hopelessly unchanged.
Nebraska TornadoNehemiah’s Restoration is NOT a “Short-Term Relief” organization, but rather it is a “Long-Term Recovery” organization that believes in the need to restore the human “Mind, Body and Soul” of the mentally, physically and spiritually broken people of our world.  We do this by providing psychological, physical, medical and spiritual aid to the victims of these major life-altering disasters.
Without the help of Nehemiah’s Restoration and people like you, the plight of these people will remain hopelessly unchanged and a new cycle of poverty will remain forever unbroken.
East African FamineTogether we can STOP the Cycle of Poverty!
Go to our PROJECTS and find out how you can make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Rob The Handyman provides a wide range of services that will enhance the value, appeal and quality of your home. From a fix on a leaky faucet to a complete home repair or remodel, he can fix it all.  Rob is committed to getting the job done right…every time.

If you're in need of a home remodel, home repair, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, some painting, carpentry or any type of repair give Rob the Handyman a call and he'll provide you an estimate TODAY!

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